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Partipication Expectations

WNS is a Cooperative Preschool and is a member of the Orange County Council of Parent Participation Nursery Schools (OCCPPNS) and the California Council of Parent Participation Nursery Schools (CCPPNS).  Parent participation schools are founded on the principle that the best education will result from an active partnership among parents, teachers, and children.  


Here's how each family participates!

1. Hold a voluntary position on the Board OR  hold a Committee position.        

         Board positions include President, Vice President, Treasurer, Co-Treasurer, Secretary,

         Public Relations,  Membership, and Ways & Means.

        Committee positions include:

                Scheduling Parent-Responsible for scheduling the working parents for each class

                Ways & Means Committee- Assists with all fundraising events

                Purchasing- Keeps a current inventory of school supplies & purchases needed items

                Party Coordinator- Plans, purchases, and prepares items for each party

                Field Trip Coordinator- Schedules & researches field trips (fire station, Santa Ana Zoo)

                Housekeeping Coordinator- Oversees maintenance of school supplies & equipment.

                Art Parent- Prepares art projects for the children and makes class play-dough. 

                Snack Parent- Prepares monthly sample snack calendar.

                Sign-in Parent-Maintains sign in sheets to ensure licensing compliance.

                OCCPPNS Rep- Attend OCCPPNS meetings and reports back needed information to the board.

                Library Parent- Checks out books to coordinate with weekly school themes and subject matter. 


2. Attend monthly parent-only membership meetings for school business and parent education.  Membership meetings are held the first Tuesday of each month at 7:00 pm.  We encourage parents to present and implement new ideas for the classroom.


3. Work in the classroom 2-3 days each month, depending on enrollment, keeping a 1:5 adult-to-child ratio.  Working parents arrive at 8:30 am and stay until the last child is picked up on their work day.  Working parents / grandparents are required to have a TB test, Flu shot, as well as record for Measles and Pertussis vaccination.


4. Participate in fundraisers.  

        - Annual auction: the family of each child secures a donation of goods or services worth $150 or more,                            purchases at least 2 tickets per child, and attends the auction.  This is a great chance to get to know all           

            the families and is a fun evening for adults!

        - Wheel-a-thon in the Spring

        - One additional fundraiser; such as cookie dough sales or catalog sales.


5. Participate in one Maintenance Day  Held after regular class hours to keep our school clean and healthy, and ensure licensing compliance.


Because of the parent involvement, many families have become lifelong friends. This is a wonderful opportunity to see our kids interact with each other in class and see their growth and achievements throughout the year.


We look forward to meeting you and your child!

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