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Our school is part of  O.C.C.P.P.N.S (Orange County Council of Parent Participation Nursery Schools).

The California Council of Parent Participation Nursery Schools (CCPPNS) is a community of parents and educators committed to teaching and inspiring families through parent involvement and mutual support. Parent participation nursery schools are founded on the principle that the best education will result from an active partnership among parents, teachers, and children.

Since the schools are nonprofit cooperatives, the parents are the owners. Parents are regularly participate at all levels ranging from the administration, operation, and maintenance of the facility to teaching in the classroom under the guidance of a professional teacher. Involved parents are their children´s biggest teacher. This participation fosters a strong sense of community, a rich and varied educational curriculum, and a safe and stimulating environment for preschoolers.

The director at each school shapes the curriculum so children can begin to develop their social, emotional, physical, and pre-academic skills in the classroom. The high adult-to-child ratio (1 to 5) provides challenging opportunities for the children. The teacher can directly focus on art, science, music, and other projects, often drawing on the talents of parents. Preschoolers are encouraged to pursue their interests, learn from mistakes, and communicate thoughts and feelings through their words.

The nursery school experience is the child´s opportunity to socialize, and to learn how to get along with others. Just as important is building self-esteem so a child can feel good about himself or herself. Hands-on projects facilitate the development of small muscles and other physical skills. Group sharing encourages language development, and pre-reading skills are acquired through sorting and pattern recognition games. Academics fall into place with the readiness that comes along with it. The rich and varied educational curriculum is designed to provide for the natural development of basic skills that a child needs to learn by the age of 5 years.


For further information about CCPPNS please visit their website:

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